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Man who stopped his Car before a zebra crossing sent to a Psychiatric Hospital by Traffic Police

16, Jan 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: A 30 yrs old man from Mumbai was sent to a psychiatric hospital by the Mumbai traffic police earlier today when he stopped his car well short of the zebra crossing. There was no obstacle between the front end of his car and the zebra crossing but still, he stopped his car leaving a clear path for pedestrians to cross the road. The incident happened at a traffic hospital in Ghatkopar where hundreds gathered at the site to see this rare phenomenon.

Zebra crossing
Correct road etiquettes

Thankfully traffic police constables were present at the traffic signal and they immediately detained the man (name hidden on request) and after initial questioning, they transferred this mentally unstable individual to a psychiatric hospital.

Recalling the incident, the police official said ,”I saw this car stopping 2 feet short of the zebra crossing at the red signal and I immediately became suspicious. I thought may be his car has broken down and he needs some help so I ran over to him. However, when I asked why he has stopped so early, he started saying strange things like drivers are supposed to stop before zebra crossing, we should be considerate of the pedestrians, signal is still red so what advantage do I get by blocking the zebra crossing etc etc.”

“His answers made me suspect his mental health is not good and I immediately called my superiors. They concluded that he is a danger to the society and may corrupt our Mumbai driving culture with these dangerous ideas. He has been sent to a mental health facility where they will treat him and soon, he will be back on the roads stopping only after completely covering the zebra crossing”, the policeman said confidently.

Mumbai Traffic Police has also issued an advisory warning people who don’t honk at a red light to change their behaviour or they will be sent to the same hospital.