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Man with pending loan of 11,000 Rs caught trying to flee the country

16, Feb 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: A 32 years old man was apprehended at the Indira Gandhi International Airport here earlier today while he was trying to flee the country. The man (name withheld because of sensitive last name) had pending loans of 11,000 Rs and was running away to avoid paying it back. However, a joint task force of CBI, ED, Delhi Police, CISF, IT department, Indian Army, Indian Air Force, managed to stop him just before he could board the plane and run away without paying back his loan.


Confirming the news, the leader of the Joint Task Force (JTF) said ,”In past few years, there have been allegations that the government doesn’t stop anyone with outstanding loans from leaving the country. To counter these false allegations, government has formed this JTF. Our sole aim is to stop everyone with an outstanding loan from leaving the country. Thanks to excellent intelligence inputs, we came to know that one of the passengers on the next flight to Dhaka is yet to pay back his entire loan amount and 11,000 Rs are still pending. We immediately moved in and managed to detain him before he could get on the aircraft. This is a major win for us.”

Further, he added ,”From now on, every plane ticket will be linked to the bank account which will be linked to Aadhar which will be linked to a chip inside every citizen of India. Every person will be scanned before boarding any aircraft and that will give us the details of all his bank loans.”

When we contacted the passenger in custody, he said ,”Bh**** Ke 50,000 ki return ticket khareed ke 11,000 loan bachaane jaoonga kya!!”

We didn’t have any answer to his question so we escaped from there before he could take out his anger on us.

Meanwhile, in an unrelated news, Middle Class salaried employees all over India are trying to hide themselves so that Finance Minister doesn’t look to them to make up the loss of 11,000 Crores in the PNB scam.