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Man is worried how to handle the situation, wife & mother are aligned on something

15, Oct 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Prakash Mehra, a techie in Bangalore is in catch 22 situation. More than 10 years in to his marriage, he found for the first time his wife and mother are aligned on one topic. Both ‘agree’ Coorg and Madikeri are good places. He has been asked to make a long weekend plan to those places during Diwali time.


“My mother and wife are having as ‘cordial’ relationship as Shiv Sena or Shatrughan Sinha is having with BJP right now. There is not a single topic in last ten years where both were in sync till this Coorg trip plan was told to me”, said Prakash while speaking to us.

Prakash said, “Even on innocuous topics they would disagree and fight with each other. When my wife would say, mein Mota ho gaya hoon, I need to lose weight”. My mom would say, “kahan mota hua hai, humare Prakash ke fufa ji used to wear 42-inch waist size pants, he is only using 38-inch size pants”

Prakash added, “Other than me, my Tata sky TV remote has suffered the most. I have seen Anjali (Prakash’s wife) watching the same serial in colors TV which my mom also loves to watch. But when my mom would visit us, Anjali would insist she will watch star plus serial same time. At the end Tata sky remote would go to hospital bed. Standing in one corner I would be praying, Bhagwan aaj barish karade, tata sky ko bandh karade”.

“Earlier also so many trips were planned, due to lack of consensus between both, I had to cancel them. Looks like during Dussehra my neighbors went to Coorg, they have influenced both my mom and Anjali”, said Prakash.

Due to financial constraint Prakash wanted to avoid the trip, he was looking for an excuse when his manger asked him due to critical customer ‘deliverables’ can he come to office during Diwali time. Ecstatic Prakash told his manager “I’ll definitely come. Please send one email on this”. He wanted to show the email to mom and Anjali at home. Prakash was found telling everyone, “Diwali kya hai, just a festival. Customer comes first”.