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Manager adds eye catching visual effects to sales presentation to hide dismal sales figures, gets movie offer from Hollywood

11, Apr 2017 By @jurnoleast

A Manager working for an IT company in Bengaluru got a rather unusual movie offer after a Hollywood director was left mighty impressed with his visual effect skills. 32 year old Karthik Subramaniam had the unenviable task of presenting dismal sales figures to the senior management and just to make it look better, he added eye catching visual effects to his presentation.

Though seniors were least impressed with what he had to show, Karthik got a call from the personal assistant of famous Hollywood director asking him if he’d be interested in a movie project.

Speaking to Faking News  Karthik said, “Yes it’s true. They saw my presentation and the visually appealing graphics that I had inserted in each of the slide. Though the purpose was to hide the sales figure, I am happy with how things have turned out.”

Apparently, the default graphics provided MS Powerpoint weren’t good enough and Karthik decided to give his ppt a visual twist by downloading a professional editing software.

“Window dressing sales figures is nothing new. But using video editing software to distract is something unheard of. But the trend is catching on and many sales managers are now exploring this option too,” said Ravindra Singh, a senior managers at an FMCG company.

His skills however did not cut ice with his boss, who is now threatening to kick him out of the company. The 32 year old however found support from the sales manager fraternity.

Sohandas Pai, who heads the Corporate Sales of the company looked angry and upset with Karthik. “He did not achieve his target and now he is planning to work on a Hollywood movie. I had promised my wife a new car and a vacation to Paris. If these sales managers fail to achieve their target, what am I supposed to tell my wife,” said an angry Mr. Pai.