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Manager convinces employees that they are very valuable after denying them any salary hike

26, Apr 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Bengaluru: Nishit Kumar, working as Senior manager for a reputed IT firm headquartered in Bengaluru, did what he has been doing so successfully for past so many years.

Though he does not give any salary hike to majority of his project team members, still he is able to convince them how valuable they are, just by using his excellent communication power.

“Months before appraisal cycle starts, our top management will call for multiple rounds of managerial level meetings. The message will be loud and clear for all. Control cost and follow the bell curve while giving grades and promotions. Given the ‘constraint’, I am amazed how Nishit does something like this time and again so successfully,” said one of the colleagues of Nishit who is envy of him.

Tarun, who is working under Nishit for last five years without any promotion, ‘proper’ hike or onsite opportunity, shared some of the trade secrets about his boss. “Nishit would have done his ground work properly before appraisal meetings. When I was a fresher, he would often give example about his ‘low’ salary when he joined the organization. As a fresher how I should spend as much time in office and keep on learning. At the end of discussion, he would invariably say, how among my batchmates he sees ‘huge’ potential in me who has the ability to go far if I follow his advice.”

“After couple of years, he would give me a low single digit hike. While sharing the revised salary letter, he would say, in a challenging environment like his, how he ‘fought’ with higher management to get hike for a ‘well deserved’ talent like me,” said Tarun who often wondered how in appraisal period Nishit maintained a look like that of Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia.

Tarun added, “Whole team had immense respect for Nishit who will often say, how he voluntarily took a cut so that his team does not suffer and remains motivated to deliver. I for once thought about giving my hike to him.”

Things were going smooth till one day Nishit forgot to collect his salary slip print out, which fell in to the hands of Tarun.