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Mandatory to address a crowd of more than 30 with 'How's the Josh', Govt mulling ordinance

04, Feb 2019 By @jurnoleast

Vicky Kaushal’s catchphrase ‘Hows the Josh’ from box-office hit movie Uri might just be made mandatory while addressing a crowd that is larger than 30 individuals. The phrase used by the lead actor while motivating his troops has been used by several politicians and celebs since the time the movie has released.


From Defence Minister to Team India, many others too have latched on to How’s the Josh while addressing a crowd. With no signs of it’s popularity ebbing, Govt is now planning to bring out an official order.

“The guidelines are being drafted on when, where and how this phrase could be used. If you are addressing a crowd of 30 people or more, you need to start you speech with How’s the Josh. And you don’t stop till the crowd responds with High Sir,” revealed a senior govt official.

It is not clear yet as to what penal action would be taken if someone fails to comply with the aforementioned order. Ambiguity surrounding the Govt’s latest move isn’t making things easier for certain corporations.

Airline companies more specifically are seeking clarity over the order. “If cabin crew is giving flight instruction to passengers. Do they necessarily have to start with Hows the Josh. And what if the passengers don’t respond. We need answers from the Govt,” said a spokesperson for a leading airline.

Popular news-anchor Arnab Goswami too wasn’t too sure how it would work. “At any point during my debates. There are around 50 panelists on the screen,” he remarked with a quizzical look.

Opposition parties too called out the Govt for coming out with a draconian order that violates the basic rights of the citizens. That however seems to have little effect.

A Govt source while speaking to our reporter revealed, “We are also in discussion to have the phrase play out in theateres immediately after the national anthem. This will create an sense of patriotism among the youth.”