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Mandatory for foreign dignitaries coming to India to say, “Note Ban and GST will boost Growth”

03, Nov 2017 By dasu

New Delhi: Any foreign dignitaries coming to India must follow a simple protocol. They have to say at least three times during their visit, “Note Ban and GST will boost Growth in India”. This is what British Finance Minister Philip Hammond told the press after meeting India’s Finance minister Arun Jaitley.

Mr. Hammond backed the the two major reforms like many foreign dignitaries have done recently. Mr. Hammond said, “The slowdown we are witnessing today are temporary negative impacts and going forward these ‘structural reforms’ have the potential to ‘change’ India completely”.

We talked about this new ‘Protocol’ to a senior government official. We asked, when almost all the ministers and bureaucrats in the government are repeating the same thing almost every day especially after Mr. Yashwant Sinha’s article on India’s economy got published, why we have to hear from the foreign dignitaries? The official on the condition of anonymity said, “The impact it creates when such respected leaders and top officials associated with IMF and World Bank or other agencies talk, people take a note of it”.

We asked, what is the impact on the dignitaries who forgets to say so. “We remind them. Even after our reminders still he does not say anything, we report the mater to higher officials. We take ‘appropriate’ steps at the diplomatic level and it differs for person to person and our response depends from which country the dignitary has come. The details I cannot share with you”, said the official.

Out of curiosity we asked why this has to be said three times, the official said, “Our People, Media and Journalists have a tough job in hand. They have to follow Honeypreet one day, next day Hrithik-Kangana story and then comes Arushi case verdict. In that noise, the message should not be lost. That’s why we ‘recommend’ three times at least, more the better”.

Our last question to the official irked him. We asked when the growth will come back, the official said “Be serious. When we ourselves do not know when growth will come back, how we expect a foreign dignitary to say so. It’s over. No more questions”.