Manjrekar does commentary while buying groceries to maintain social distancing

14, Apr 2020 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. Social distancing has been prescribed as a great way to break the corona chain and help the world come out of this pandemic. Sanjay Manjrekar, the renowned commentator used a unique way to achieve social distancing. Manjrekar started practicing his commentary act while buying his groceries in Mumbai to keep people away from him.


And he was so right, people maintained a distance of 3-4 meters just to avoid hearing his commentary. Pollard must be so happy right now. Manjrekar has been praised by the BMC and the Maharashtra government for setting an example for other celebrities to follow. Arjun Kapoor also tried to set an example and in fact broke Sanjay’s record in doing so.

Arjun went out to buy groceries and found no one coming to that shop to buy anything. People who were approaching the store soon started taking other routes and vanished from the scene. Sanjay did one mistake though, he was practicing the commentary while entering his building too and everyone in the building now wants him to move out as they don’t want to hear his commentary anytime in future, even by mistake. It was only when they heard about his heroics in the earlier part of the day, that they allowed him to stay there.