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Man’s full phone battery drains while pressing buttons to reach a human on customer care number

03, Jun 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: 26 yrs old Avinash Kumar’s full phone battery drained today while trying to reach a human on the customer care number of his telecommunications service provider. Avinash’s phone battery showed 95% full when he started the call but before he could speak to someone, his phone battery gave way.

empty battery
Avinash’s phone battery after the call

“It is very frustrating. I had a simple question I wanted to ask someone from the company. I dialed their customer care number and then it all started. There were menus, sub-menus, sub-sub-menus, lots of numbers, many options, I kept pressing the buttons as they requested but before I could reach a customer care executive, my phone battery died and my query remained unanswered”, said Avinash.

“It is not as if they don’t have humans working for them. I know because I get 10 calls a day from them asking me if I want their new internet plan but somehow, I couldn’t manage to speak to one today when I needed them. Generally my phone battery lasts 24 hrs since I am barely active on social media but it couldn’t last long enough for me to complete this conversation”, Avinash added.

Now Avinash is thinking about calling the company again after reaching home and plugging the charger in.

When we asked the telecom service provider about this incident, a senior executive assured us that they do have humans operating there and it is not just pre-recorded messages. “We know people have to choose from a lot of options on our menu these days but that is only to improve our customer service. If a caller manages to reach our customer service executives then we know that the problem is critical and must be addressed. People with minor issues generally give up after the 3rd menu so it helps us focus on the major problems”, a senior executive working there said.

Meanwhile, Avinash’s friends have advised him to start using social media and rant there to get a call from customer care executives instead of calling them and navigating through the number of menus.