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Many Indians allow Ambulance to go through as it’s Siren sound doesn’t allow them to talk on phone: Survey

09, Jun 2019 By dasu

New Delhi: According to a recent survey, there has been a remarkable improvement in Indians behavior giving way for Ambulances. The main reason behind this, is the ‘irritating’ sound the Ambulances generates which disturbs people normally busy with their phones on the road.


“I have seen people giving way for lousy cab drivers. Not only the drivers honk continuously, they also scold if you do not give them way quickly. Many ambulances drivers are not trained to scold like that or there is no “Chotu” boy hanging around at the door shouting people who are in front. This was a drawback for ambulances”, said Prof M. M. Bora who headed the survey team.

“Then I did some study by increasing the decibel level of Ambulance sirens. Higher the decibel, the faster we saw roads getting cleared”, added Prof Bora.

Prof Bora is impressed with vehicle riders evolving with times. From head helmets moved towards protecting the rider’s elbows, from using earphones now people have moved to video steaming. “Other day a two-wheeler rider told me uncle Pata Nahin which route I took, thoda busy tha, was watching the IPL playoff match live on my phone. Aisse bhi video watching drunken driving jaissa koi serious offence nahin hai. Sometimes traffic policemen stop me to ask cricket match score”.

Why everyone wants to do multitasking? “When your life span (including some others whose life span is decided by these video watchers during driving) is so short, one will try to maximize it, am I right?”, asked Prof Bora.