Many Kanpuriyas stop spitting Gutkha to bring Kanpur out of Red Zone

02, May 2020 By Santosh Pradhan

Kanpur. Ministry of Home Affairs, MHA has extended the national lockdown by two more weeks i.e. from 4th May to 17th May, to curb the spread of COVID-19 in the country. Many cities including Kanpur have been listed out in the red zones.


But people in Kanpur had a different take or logic on the matter. They thought that their city is in the red zone because of the gutkha peeks.

Hence many Kanpuriyas have come forward as warriors to stop the gutkha spitting and will try to bring out Kanpur from the red zone soon.

Faking News spoke to one such Kanpuriya named Jagdish Srivastava and he had this to say ” We always wanted an opportunity to serve the nation. Now that we have got one, we will try our best to prove that we can do anything for the nation. I used to eat 500 grams of gutkha every day and spit out the same quantity, but I have decided to leave gutkha forever to make Kanpur a Corona free city. We will all soon bring out Kanpur from the red zone”

The Ministry considered India’s Coronavirus recovery rate while designating the districts as Red Zones or Hotspots or Orange/Green zones.