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Marathi Manoos decides to sell away his stake in Mumbai

30, Jan 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Mukesh Raj Tendulkar, a Marathi Manoos who owns Mumbai along with several other similar stakeholders, has decided to sell his stake in an open public offer after he failed to meet his daily expenses amid rising prices. Mukesh has approached SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) and BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) and has asked them to help him get buyers, a request that has foxed both the institutions.

32-year-old Mukesh had recently lost his job, even though no bhaiyya was hired as a replacement, and has been finding it tough to support his family of six, while the government continued announcing rising prices to his discomfort. During joblessness, he keenly followed the Marathi politics and came to realize that Mumbai belonged to Marathi Manoos only.

The dispute over ownership of Mumbai has often resulted in broken Taxis
The dispute over ownership of Mumbai has often resulted in broken Taxis

“I was like, WTF! I had rightful claim over Mumbai just like Ambani had over his big industries, and yet my children were crying for milk. To my horror, Sharad Pawar then announced that milk prices would rise. I became desperate and decided to encash the situation by selling away my stake in Mumbai. My parents and children are my priority, and I’m sorry if it seems selfish.” said Mukesh, who has filed an application in SEBI and BSE to facilitate the transaction.

The application by Mukesh has left both SEBI and BSE in a fix. The officials are tight lipped over the development and are not commenting in open, as they are afraid that their comments could be misinterpreted and they would be attacked by Shiv Sena and MNS members.

“If we say that Mukesh doesn’t own any such stake, it could be interpreted as saying that Marathi Manoos didn’t have any rights over Mumbai. On the other hand, if we allow the transaction and the stake is bought by some Bihari in an open and fair deal, we are in deeper shit. I hope you understand.” a SEBI official said on the conditions of anonymity.

But this curious case of Mukesh Raj Tendulkar has inspired some financial and social thinkers, who have suggested that the central government should initiate the process of corporatization of all the major cities of India, so that the confusion and dispute over the ownership of a city is settled for once and all.