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Mark Zuckerberg to launch another Facebook for wedding pictures, will be called Matribook

24, May 2016 By banneditqueen

Menlo Park, California: Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has announced today that he is starting a separate website for uploading all the wedding photographs called Matribook. The website will only be used for wedding photographs and other events like birthday parties, farewells, child births etc will not be allowed.

wedding pic
Now a separate website to upload all such photos

As per sources, Zuckerberg took this decision after receiving feedback from millions of Facebook users that Facebook walls are now just wedding albums. “We were getting pigeonholed. People were starting to believe that Facebook is just to upload wedding photographs and nothing else, this could have affected our profitability in the long run. We had to do something to dissociate Facebook with weddings and hence, we came up with the idea of Matribook”, said a senior Facebook executive.

“Matribook will not be restricted to just the wedding ceremony alone. You can upload photographs of various anniversaries related to marriage as well. Anniversary of the day you met your would be partner, anniversary of first date, first phone call, first fight, first hug, first kiss, everything. An exclusive wedding related Facebook that will leave real Facebook free for sharing 1 like=1 salute images”, the executive added.

As per sources in Facebook’s tech team, the new website Matribook will have the auto-comment feature as well. Every time someone uploads an image, ‘Made for each other’ comment will appear below that image from everyone in their friend list.

This step by Facebook has found widespread support among their users. “Every time my parents logged on to Facebook, they would see these wedding pics and then start groom hunting for me. Thankfully there will be some respite now as they won’t find any wedding pics there”, said 27 yrs old Savita from Delhi.

“It used to hurt forever alones like us. I used to feel everyone is getting married while I am stuck writing codes in my cubicle. Now I won’t have to face that depression”, 26 yrs old Ankush told Faking News.

Meanwhile, Twitter was also considering a new website to discuss politics alone but gave up the idea after realizing that Twitter is already the platform to discuss only politics..