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Marriage counselor suggest techie to look for a job in Whitefield area, will have no time to fight with spouse

14, Jul 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Sahil Jain and Madhusree, just a year in to their marriage felt it is not working for them. The couple who work in the IT sector, on the recommendations of their friends and colleagues wanted to give another try before they take some ‘hard’ decisions.

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After initial hesitation, both agreed to meet renowned marriage counselor Mr. Kaushik Banerjee. Mr. Banerjee after talking to the couple for ten minutes understood where the problem lies for the disharmony in their married life.

It was a classic case of couple spending more time with each other, way above recommended in an urban life style. He suggested one of them to look for a job in high traffic density area, preferably Whitefield asap, so that commutation time eats their ‘togetherness’ time, thereby reducing the scope for any fight between them.

“Both are bright and talented. So, silly arguments on any topic, be it on Modi, Virat Kohli or SRK, will turn nasty and they will start fighting with each other”, said Mr. Banerjee while speaking to us.

Mr. Banerjee added, “Being a nuclear family, there was no one at home to stop them, guide them. Unlike them who worked in offices which are at walkable distance, their friends spent their hours in office or they will be stuck in some traffic jams. Basically no one around to walk in and calm them down”

“Hence, I recommended one of them to join office in Whitefield, so by the time he or she reaches home, there would be no time and energy left in the body to even argue with each other. I recommend most of the couples to spend something like 15 minutes max per day with each other before they submerge themselves in their iPhones or iPads”, said Mr. Banerjee drawing from his ‘research’ on good city based couples.

Last we heard, the fight between the couple has not come down. Mr. Banerjee who expected Sahil working in Whitefield will come back in 4 hours, due to some ‘fresh’ jams his commute time has extended to 7 hours. He is coming back home rejuvenated for fights after having a peaceful sleep in office cab.