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Marriage date to be finalized only after girl confirms she has got her designer lehenga

13, Mar 2017 By dasu

Mumbai: Family members of Aarti, the bride, were forced to postpone the wedding ceremony as she could not finalize the bridal lehenga she was supposed to wear on her wedding day. As this happened for the third time in succession for same reason, the pundit told both bride and groom’s family, he will look for the auspicious date and time for marriage only after Aarti confirms she has got her designer lehenga.


While speaking to us Pundit Pawan Kumar Sharma said, “What do they think of themselves, because they are super rich, they can do anything. I have told them, when your daughter is not ready why you are calling me here repeatedly to find a date. I have lot of work, cannot come here simply to time pass.”

Mr. Sharma who has worked as a project manager in an IT firm before he became a full time Pundit said, “Have shared one template Microsoft project plan with Aarti’s father, told him to prepare similar one for his ladli Aarti’s wedding and track the progress of each task on daily basis. Discussed in detail with him what are the riskiest items for the marriage, at the end we both had a consensus that it is wedding lehenga for the bride. That’s what I told him to put it as T0 date, starting point for the marriage project, rest of the tasks would be linked to it.”

Mr. Sharma added, “I told Aarti’s father right now give her all the options available in market and let her chose some 50 options if she wants. But once it is done, she cannot look for new options. As this is a high risk item, to mitigate it, I have told her father to stop her from getting access to internet sites selling lehengas through firewalls, she should not attend any of her friend’s weddings, no more passes for fashion weeks and TV channels like fashion TV, Zee Trendz & Zoom TV must be unsubscribed at home, all these hard measures till marriage.”

While speaking to us, groom, Dinesh said, “Still a bachelor after hosting three bachelor parties. Hope the fourth one will be my final one.”