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Marriage proposal gets cancelled after techie's prospective in-laws came to know he is not staying in office till midnight

21, Aug 2016 By dasu

Bengaluru: IT engineer Abhijith BM is in utter shock & in a state of disbelief after he came to know that his prospective in-laws have put his CV on hold and looking for better candidates for their daughter. 

IT office
Abhijith missing from his work station at 11 PM

“When we met Abhijith, we liked him, he was neatly dressed, he drives a Honda city and uses iPhone, everything that we associate with a typical Bengaluru based techie. However, when we hired a private detective to check his attendance records in office, we were in for a shock. Hardly has he ever worked past mid-night in office, what kind of a techie does that”, said Kannan P, uncle of the girl (whose name we are not putting here to respect her privacy).

Further, Kannan said, “It’s not that we looked at his attendance record for a month or so. We checked attendance records for the past 6 months. During that period, he has worked on three projects, but he has never done night out. At best he has worked till 11:30 PM. If you look at his records on weekends, yes few Saturdays he has worked, but hardly any Sundays. About holidays, less said the better. Every quarter he has gone to hometown, cannot believe in this era when you have WhatsApp, Facebook, such low per minute call rates, he was visiting his parents every quarter.”

“It did not give us any confidence in his long term career. The IT industry will not tolerate a guy like him, next round of recession, he might be the first guy who will lose his job. How can we let our niece marry someone with no job security? Instead, we have asked the marriage agents to look for profiles where the guy must be leaving home early and coming back really late from office, almost next day morning around 4 AM. Our niece will also get tim to enjoy her evenings with her husband at work”, Kannan added.

“We are not completely discarding Abhijith’s profile. We are just putting it on hold. You can say, we have put him under marriage improvement plan (MIP) for next one month. If he can do the corrections which I have highlighted here and becomes a ‘normal’ techie, we will be happy to consider him”, Kannan said giving a ray of hope to Abhijith.