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Masood Azhar planning to sue Indian papers for defaming his terrorism career

15, Jan 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Lahore: After media reports appeared in India that Masood Azhar started targeting India only after Babri demolition, Masood Azhar has decided to take them to court for tarnishing his terrorism career.

Azhar has asked his legal team to file a case against these defamatory charges that before 1992, he wasn’t doing anything to harm India.

Masood Azhar wondering whether he is even a terrorist or not after reading Indian papers
Masood Azhar wondering whether he is even a terrorist or not after reading Indian papers

Speaking to the media outside Lahore High Court, Masood Azhar said, “What nonsense is this? Do they want to tell the world that I wasn’t doing anything against India earlier? My whole terrorism career has been damaged due to these baseless, malicious rumours. My reputation has been severely damaged in the terrorism community and this will have consequences.”

Recounting his years of struggle, Azhar said,“I used to be such a fat and unfit child. I used to fail physical tests but I stuck to it, worked hard and got the title of a terrorist. Being a terrorist was a career goal from childhood after I read textbooks in Pakistan on how India is an enemy. To paint me as someone who got education only in 1992 is blatant propaganda that’s hurting my reputation. Indian trolls are right, Indian journalists are stupid!”

“Indian journalists should realize that my career growth wasn’t like theirs, where you pick up a pen and start writing anything. We actually have to work hard! Now I am in danger of losing all my years of hard work thanks to these Indian media houses”, Azhar fumed.

When we asked Masood Azhar why he thinks Indian media is writing that, he replied, “Well it could be a RAW Conspiracy. They are trying to discredit me as a terrorist so that new recruits don’t join me. Already Hafiz Saeed beats me for good candidates during campus recruitment, now it will get even harder to find talented people if they think I am some sort of an amateur.”

Meanwhile, Pakistan Foreign Secretary maintained that they don’t have a clue about Masood Azhar’s whereabouts while Masood Azhar was speaking to media live from the Lahore Court.