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Massive hunt launched in India to locate the missing ‘Idea of India’

04, Mar 2016 By shreyash

Delhi: A massive hunt has been launched by Government of India to look for IOI, better known as The ‘Idea of India’ which has reportedly gone missing after 1st of March.

Can you find Idea of India anywhere here?
Can you find Idea of India anywhere here?

IOI has been safely preserved over the years by CKSI, the Conscience Keeping Society of India, which has complete monopoly over IOI, its content, definition and usage. IOI has been widely used by CKSI to establish and preserve India’s image in the international society. In recent times, IOI was successfully employed to sway public opinion and influence election outcomes in favour of friendly ideologies.

After the recent revelations by ex-bureaucrats in Ishrat Jahan case as to how senior politicians tried to influence an investigation, it was widely believed that IOI will be aptly used by CKSI again. Social Media, government agencies and ordinary citizens waited for IOI to come and obfuscate the issue. Citizens waited with bated breath for CKSI to appear and show them the light. They waited through the day, were patient through the night, but as days passed by, hope gave way to despair.  There was no sign yet of any protests, candle light marches, award wapsi, not a single sound byte of wisdom. CKSI, which is not known to wait till all facts emerge out, has not shown any signs of acting on the matter yet. In a country where the smallest matter is milked for months, a high profile matter has quickly disappeared from the public eye. Concerned citizens soon lodged a missing complaint with the India Gate Police Station where IOI is frequently spotted and have demanded that this case be handed over to CBI.

Government of India, which is currently having a bout of populism immediately accepted the request and handed over the case to CBI. At the time of going to press, search teams have been sent to all lit fests in various parts of the country and abroad to locate our beloved ‘IOI’.