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MBA aspirant stops thinking to “conserve” his mind for CAT

03, Oct 2013 By idiot420

New Delhi. Rahul, a 4th year engineering student of Jantar Mantar College of Engineering is following a rather unusual style of preparation for the upcoming CAT.

Rahul claims that he has stopped thinking since 1st of October and will continue doing that till the exam date. He is doing so to “conserve” his mind for the D-Day.

Save Brains
Save your brains

“I have heard a lot of people complain that how their mind stops working in the exam hall. You know what’s the actual problem? People spend their mind so much in preparing for the exam that they are almost exhausted by the time of taking the exam,” explained Rahul.

“We build dams to stop river water and then use its stored energy to generate electricity. Our mind is much like a flowing river. Following a similar strategy, I am storing its energy and will open the gates on the exam day. I bet, not a single question will escape the flood of my intelligence,” he added confidentially.

To successfully implement this strategy, Rahul is following some strict measures to check expenditure of his mind. He has also vowed to not touch CAT preparation materials, especially those vocabulary flash cards. He’s heavily relying on television to come to his rescue.

“He has brought dozens of VCDs of David Dhawan and Rohit Shetty movies, and whenever he gets bored of them, he starts watching TV news channels,” a close friend of Rahul disclosed how Rahul is making sure he doesn’t think too much.

Rahul’s decision has also grabbed the attention of MBA test preparation institutes and they are keeping a close eye on him.

“This is excellent. If he scores high, we will launch a one month crash course for CAT where we would help students with not thinking anything,” Krishna senior executive of B.I.M.E told Faking News.

“What nonsense! Of course, it will be very different from what we currently offer,” Krishna clarified when this reporter wondered how the new crash course will be different from the ones already being offered.