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MBA student hires PR professional to lobby for better grades

09, Dec 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Ahmedabad. A first year MBA student at a decently known management institute here has hired a PR professional to lobby with RAs, TAs, professors, seniors, and alumni for securing better grades and future career prospects on his behalf. Ravish Gupta, 23, believes that he sucks big time at lobbying and socializing skills and hence he had no option left but to outsource the job to someone competent.

“Look at that guy Gaurav,” Ravish referred to one of his batchmates currently enjoying a better CGPA than him, “I caught him sending some lame SMS joke to Pallavi, that HR TA; no wonder he got an A+ for his attendance and CP in HR in both the trimesters.”

“Pallavi is rather hot,” he added.

Ravish’s friend request to Pallavi on Facebook is still pending, which led him to introspect deeply last night and conclude that he basically sucked at such networking and socializing skills.

“I would rather play CS on my lappy than go chat with a RA or TA in the evenings,” Ravish, also an avid gamer, betrayed his priorities.

Deeply concerned over the prospects that he could lose out on his final CGPA due to his wrongly placed priorities, Ravish decided to hire a PR professional to lobby for himself. 32-year-old Nira Dahiya would be helping him out salvage his career.

Ravish also got a new T-shirt after he made his first hiring

“She is good looking, wonderfully eloquent, and can come up with a lot of ‘globe talk’ on almost any issue,” Ravish justified the hiring, though refused to divulge the fee that he was paying Nira for the job. Ravish would be paying the fee from his stipend from the summer job that he had secured in a telecom service provider company.

On the first day of the job, Nira had already set a meeting with the fin prof to discuss the Lavasa IPO and its possible repercussions on stock market, land-rates in Pune, and on Jairam Ramesh.

“See, that’s what I mean,” Ravish pointed out, “I would have simply have never ever cared to discuss such out of syllabus shit with any prof. that’s where I’ve been losing out. Gaurav was so involved with the accounts prof yesterday discussing how one should apply depreciation while valuing Dhoni’s advertisement deal over 5 years. Bullshit!”

As part of the contract, Nira would also be playing tennis with some of the Ravish’s senior students and would send happy birthday greetings to a few selected alumni, thus bolstering Ravish’s “social acceptance”, which is supposed to boost his future career prospects.

“This is a welcome development,” Dilip Cherian, Consulting Partner of Perfect Relations said when apprised of the development, “The recent controversies had brought a bad name to lobbying, as if it was a crime or illegal deed. I hope Nira does a brilliant job and more MBAs hire PR professionals.”

Nira was already friend with 47% of the batchmates of Ravish on Facebook, with Pallavi being a ‘featured friend’ when reports last came in.