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MBBS course duration to be extended by 1 year, doctors to receive year long training in martial arts for self defence

20, Mar 2017 By @jurnoleast

Responding to concerns over increasing attacks on doctors, Govt has decided to extend the duration of MBBS course by a year to equip doctors with the art of self defense. The move comes after a doctor in Mumbai was attacked by patients relatives, underscoring the need immediately address the issue of doctors safety.

Doctors undergoing self defense training
Doctors undergoing self defense training

Speaking to Faking News, a senior Govt official said, “The frequency of these attacks have increased lately and this time around resident doctors are looking for a solution, not half measures to placate them. So we decided to train them in self defense so they’ll be able to handle any such situation arising in future.”

“Now martial arts will be part of the MBBS course and students will have to compulsorily clear the ‘self defense test’. For this purpose the course duration has been extended by a year,” he added.

Govt is also considering short term measure such has having bouncers inside hospitals to tide over the situation.

Some random people who are not related to the incident were also victims of the patients wrath. “I am not even a practicing doctor I am just a PhD. And I have nothing to do with this entire issue. But some angry patients beat me up too,” said Dr. Jalmohan Singh, who has moved out of the city for a few days till the situations gets better. Though Govt has assured security, those remotely associated with the medical profession refuse to stop their agitation.

Meanwhile, with the fear of being beaten up dentists have now said that they do not wish to be addressed at doctors and have sent a proposal to the Govt to prefix their names as ‘Dt’ so that it becomes easier for patients to differentiate them from regular doctors.