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McDonalds includes Biryani as part of Indian menu; customers stunned to find flavored rice in between buns

14, Jun 2017 By RT

Mumbai. McDonalds India has introduced Biryani as part of the lunch menu, a few days ago. The loyal customers, who visited the fast food giant for a treat of an Indian delicacy, have returned with mixed emotions having tasted flavored rice in between two buns.

“I go to McDonald’s for lunch because it is a cool thing to do or at least it is considered to be a cool thing to do among my office colleagues. Never liked anything served between buns and mostly I just used to sip on the coke and chew on the french fries. When it was announced that biryani will be available for lunch, I was really happy. Went there to have a hot biryani and came back totally disappointed,” told a regular and one among the first few to taste flavored rice in between buns at the fast food joint.

“We always bring local flavours and delicacies in our menu. Like Chicken Tikka burger, Dosa Masala brioche and now Biryani in both non-veg and veg variations! Do you know that in China, we have frog fries and snake sizzlers? In Malaysia, we have a Nasi lemak burger and in Germany we have a Nazi Sauerbraten brioche. We are happy to announce biryani as part of our lunch menu with new sides of deep frozen onions in equally frozen yogurt,” McDonald’s India spokesperson told Faking News.

“Like guns and army men, buns and McDonald’s are inseparable. Anything and everything we serve will always be in between two buns. Not long ago, your news website had covered the story on Idly podi burger. Our initial idea was to serve Idly in between two buns in our Chennai restaurant. Later, we decided on Idly podi and extended the offering to our nationwide customers. Our next Indian snack is going to be a pav-bhaji burger,”  he further added on his plans about selling buns within buns.

When Faking News reporter asked the only question about how ‘fresh preparation’ of biryani is possible in a fast food restaurant, he was answered with a negative. “It is against McDonald’s international policy to serve anything fresh. Our food policies have long been frozen,”  he was told on his way out.