Mechanical engineer finally gets a date after girl right swipes on tinder due to a push in crowded Mumbai local

13, May 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Well, there are a lot of things in the universe that are quite obvious. Like, river meets a sea, sun rises in East and similarly, one such thing is mechanical engineers are single. Everything has a reason, including the fact that why are Mechanical Engineers single. There are quite a few reasons for this. The major reason behind this stereotype getting built is that girls don’t usually prefer choosing the mechanical stream. But things did change on Monday when Jagdish Malik finally went on date, thanks to the Mumbai local.


Jagdish had made his tinder profile 5 years back but never became lucky when it came to the girls. So, mechanical engineers may have an experience with companies, but they are always ‘fresher’ when it comes to dating a girl. On the last Saturday, he received a notification on his Tinder profile that a girl has right swiped his profile. There was a sea of happiness inside him and he spent all the money he had on partying with his friends. Finally the day came when he met the girl in a suburban Cafe.

The conversation was going fine before the girl revealed the story behind her right swiping his profile. The girl was a frequent Mumbai local traveler and was habituated in traveling with the crowd. It was a push from backside in a crowded local that made him right swipe Jagdish’s profile. Though the date ended there and then itself, it has filled all Mechanical Engineers across the country with optimism and hope. Engineers are sure that till the time Mumbai Locals are existing, there is always a chance of going on a date with a girl.