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Mechanical engineering student tries to cut his wrist a day before Rakshabandhan

07, Aug 2017 By Guest Patrakar
Bhopal: A mechanical engineering student, Raghav, of OIST College in Bhopal was arrested after he tried to cut his wrist in allegedly a suicide attempt. The incident happened on Sunday, just a day before Rakshabandhan. Whether it was a suicide attempt or an accident, is still being investigated by the police.
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If Raghav’s friends are to be believed, it was not a suicide attempt and Raghav was trying to cut his arms only to avoid the girls who wanted to tie a Rakhi on his hand. Raghav’s roommate Raman said, “We usually take leave on Rakshabandhan every year but this year we have a practical submission so we have to be present in college. Somebody had told Raghav that his crush wanted to tie a rakhi on his hand, so that could be the probable reason behind the incident”.
Though the police investigation is still underway but police says, “prima facie it’s certainly not a suicide attempt since Raghav is a mechanical engineering student and a mechanical engineer would never cut his wrist to die when there are lot more other ways of committing suicide”.
Raghav has been admitted in Roy Hospital. The doctor says, “Raghav is safe and we are ready to discharge him today, but Raghav has requested us to extend his stay by at least a day. We don’t know the exact reason why he wants to stay for some more time but since it could be case of depression we can’t say no to him.”
Rakshabandhan is a festival that celebrates the special bond of love among siblings. Sisters tie Rakhi around their brother’s wrist for his long life and happiness and in exchange he promises to protect his sibling from all evils. Raghav’s incident has raised a pertinent question. “Are girls tying rakhi to just to ensure they don’t trouble them anymore?” That shouldn’t be the purpose but if it works then there’s nothing wrong either.