Mechanical Engineers celebrate Valentine’s Day as “Drafter Pujan Diwas”

14, Feb 2019 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: 14th February, a day of love, as people celebrate Valentine’s Day with their loved ones, showering them with gifts. Frustrated with being left out every year, Mechanical Engineers have decided to join in the festivities as well this year by dedicating the day to the love of their lives, the drafter.


Mechanical Engineers across the country celebrated Valentine’s Day with their drafters, making one drawing after another. Drafters were cleaned for the first time in their existence, some even got new covers as Valentine’s gifts. Hallmark had launched special pink and Red coloured drafter covers to commemorate the occasion and they sold like hotcakes all over.

Speaking to Faking News, a Mechanical Engineering student from Delhi said, “We got the idea from the Maatr-Pitr Pujan Diwas celebrated by Asaram supporters. Some of us thought we should do the same as well but then we remembered that if we suddenly start showering them with affection, they might suspect we have failed in some subjects, and they may come to College to check our record. Then we started thinking about things we really love, and all of us shouted Drafter in unison. This is the only thing that stays with us throughout our Engineering, and always helps us out.”

“Every year we pretended to be Bajrang Dal members on Valentine’s Day, just to be a part of the festivities, but now we can actually join the festivities by celebrating it with the things we love. Best part about it is that no anti-valentine protester will come and attack us over it. Even if someone comes and gets us married to our drafters, we don’t mind, we have to stay with it for our whole lives anyway”, he went on to add.

Meanwhile, a Bajrang Dal member started hitting himself in the national capital after getting himself a date for Valentine’s evening.