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Mechanical engineering student who rejected free membership offer of a matrimonial website gets ‘bravery’ award

15, Jan 2019 By dasu

Bengaluru: Punit Kumar, a final year mechanical student has been selected unanimously to receive ‘bravest student of the year’ award. Screening committee found Punit did something which no mechanical student has ever done in the history of the college. He rejected a free membership offer from a matrimonial website with five-year validity.


“There are mechanical students who plan for their life partner even when they are in 1st year by enrolling in different matrimony portals, here is a ‘rare’ student who is not bothered about it,” said B. K Sharma head of screening committee.

The matrimonial company like a good mutual fund house shared all the risks Punit is taking by rejecting their once in a life time offer. “We told him, there are seniors from his branch who have done more than 15 yearly subscription renewals without any luck. There are some whose renewal requests, we no more accept as no one other than Dr. Batra’s team click on their profile pictures,” said, Prabhu, a sales agent from the matrimonial portal.

“We told him, there are some who have faced embarrassment by sending their marriage proposals to daughters of their other branch mates. Knowing all these facts, Punit rejected our offer. What can we do? Either he thinks he is Hardik Pandya of his batch or simply a stupid crazy boy,” added Prabhu.

Punit on his defense says, he knew about all the risks beforehand and he has a risk mitigation plan in place.

“Have confidence on the deodorant I use, the tazki bhara smile I have and more importantly the macho underwear I wear. Do you think Girls can resist my temptation?” Punit told in Hardik Pandya style.

“Whatever it is, Punit has changed the perception I had about the mechanical students”, said another screening committee member.