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Medical aspirant leaves his home without clothes to appear for NEET

20, May 2017 By sameer mahawar

Hyderabad. In an attempt to save himself for getting humiliated by others, a 18 year old boy, due to high ego concerns, protected himself from getting exploited as he marched towards the examination centre without his clothes on.

Authorities conducting NEET, the entrance exam for securing seats in medical colleges affiliated to Medical Council of India, to avoid cheating in examination have been treating aspirants in an unfair manner by striping off their body wear. According to them, even their cuff could contain sufficient material that might lead a candidate go through the exam with flying colors.

Venkat Rajan, the NEET aspirant, got up early in the morning, had a bath, arranged his school bag and without eating anything went to the examination centre, completely nude. His mother seemed to be more worried by the breakfast he skipped than the nudity he displayed.

Talking to Faking News Venkat said, “Last year there was news that aspirants had to remove their shoes, socks, trousers, shirts and even undies. Such is the respect we get. Who are the authorities who dare to these kinda things? I am a teenager. Dare anybody touch me remove my clothes and waste my time. So I myself walked like a lion, both in terms of confidence and clothes.”

“I laugh as how they have failed to get a security checking system that would do its job by maintaining students’ integrity,” said Venkat as he moved towards his wardrobe to wear the clothes.