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Medical store owner clinches top job in cryptology

03, May 2015 By RT

Mumbai. A medical store owner from Bandra, a suburban area in Mumbai, today has been offered with a high profile cryptologist job offer from a top internet security company. There were also other offers from various universities, banks, military forces and even some political parties.

Agarwal, with a name well suited for a career in cryptology, did not have any clue about his hidden innate ability to decode the most complex and stupid encryptions, until the job offers started coming in to his store address, on almost daily basis. For Agarwal, he was just another small time pharmacy owner trying to make a living, reading scribbles of doctors and dentists.

He could decode such stuff withing seconds
He could decode such stuff withing seconds

The field of cryptology, to go along with secretive trait it demands, has a unique and highly mysterious selection process for prospective job offers. For years, several medical store owners and employees in India have been secretively followed by banks, military forces and security companies alike. “If someone can decode an Indian medical professional’s prescription, then automatically he/she would qualify for an entry level job in cryptology,” a military official informed Faking News.

During an average working day, Agarwal can dispense medical supplies to ailing customers with or without references to prescriptions written by doctors of varied handwriting disorder, some suffering chronic level of dysgraphia. On several occasions, Agarwal dispensed medicines referring to a daily calendar leaf, a school progress card and a dental impression.

However, what tilted the scales for Agarwal, against other equally proficient decoders in India, was his ability to encode and send messages back to doctors. Whenever a particular medicine is about to be out of stock, Agarwal would write a note back to the doctor in the same prescription form and ask the already unwell patient to walk back to meet the doctor to verify the medicines. The secret messages which could only be understood by the specific doctor, could not even be decoded by the security companies that were studying him for years, it was learnt later.

“Agarwal can write differently to suit the decoding skills of different doctors and for this precise skill he had been offered this high profile cryptologist title in our company”, the HR manager of the internet security company told Faking News, to leave the reporter completely bewildered, not with all the secretive demeanor of cryptology, but with the unbelievable fact that even internet security companies have HR managers, who are not trustworthy by job definition.