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Meeting Shiv Sena Chief was courtesy call, main job was to broker seat sharing between passengers in mumbai local trains: Prashant Kishor

06, Feb 2019 By @jurnoleast

Fights over seats between Borivili and Virar passengers in local trains could be a thing of the past thanks to poll strategist Prashant Kishor’s intervention.

Prashant Kishor met the Sena Chief Uddhav Thackeray yesterday which he says was a ‘courtesy call’.

prashant kishor

Sources say that the meeting lasted for for around 2 hours where the two leaders discussed among other things the box-office performance of the movie Thackeray.

Later in the day Prashant met passengers of both Western and Central line in an attempt to reach a common ground on seat sharing during rush hour.

“Many people approached me especially the ones from Borivili and Virar. It seems that passengers from Borivili don’t get enough space to sit as Virar passengers don’t relent. I will use my ‘seat sharing’ expertise to broker peace between these two warring tribes,” he said while speaking to FN reporter.

Apparently, the 4th passenger on the seat meant for 3, gets to place only 1/4th of his buttock on the seat. Such passengers are now demanding more share.

“We are asking for 50-50 sharing. At least 50% of our behind should be on the seat. We have to travel a long distance. With just 1/4th share it’s not possible to travel without ending the day with back ache,” commented one passenger.

A close door meeting is scheduled to take place where the poll strategist is expected to help both parties get their seat sharing formula right.

It is not yet clear if women passengers would be part of the discussion. “Ladies compartment are no different than men. Some women treat the train seats like their couch and refused to share space with others. Its common to find women scratching and pulling each others hair when things get ugly,” a bank employee from Borivili revealed.

Western Railway has welcomed Prashant Kishor’s intervention while on the issue on having women in the discussion a senior railway official said, “For now the discussion would involve men only. For the ladies we will be providing them with boxing gloves in every ladies compartment so that they can fight it out for some space.”