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Members of a fledgling political party protest outside Aamir Khan’s house in ‘PK style’ for his comments

25, Nov 2015 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai: A little known political party sought to leverage the ongoing ‘intolerance drama’ to further its ambition by protesting outside Amir Khan’s house in ‘PK style’.

Protesting in PK style
Protesting in PK style

Aamir Khan had commented on the apprehension of Kiran Rao about living in India. The members of the political party say that such comments destroy the ‘fabric’ of the country and Aamir Khan needs to be taught a lesson. “This is our way of protesting and we too have a right to express ourselves,” said Amit Pandey, leader of the party.

Faking News spoke to Kiran Rao to find out her reaction on the protest. “Yes its true. I woke up today and pushed the curtains and to my horror there were around ‘un-clothed’ men standing standing on the road next to our house. I can confirm that were not wearing anything and had a transistor strategically placed just the how Aamir did for the movie PK,” said a visibly upset Kiran, her face clearing showing struggle to get the images out of her head.

“When I tried to express my anguish on twitter, I was trolled for being intolerant towards people who are exercising their freedom of expression. In fact many on twitter said that they would be happy to be part of the group,” she added.

Members of the party were relentless and said they wouldn’t budge till Aamir Khan apologized for the comment. “The comment is an insult to the people of this country. We will continue to protest till he takes back his comment and apologizes to the people of India. Doodh maango kheer denge, agar maafi na maango toh transistor bhi hata denge,” threatened a member.

Aamir Khan was not available for comment but speaking to a leading newspaper Kiran Rao said that her discussion with Aamir was misconstrued and squarely blamed media and more specifically Arnab Goswami for it. “I was having a discussion with Aamir about New Year’s plan. If we should leave India and go outside or stay back and celebrate here itself. Look how the media twisted it,” she lamented.