Wednesday, 1st April, 2020


Men seek bailout package as most end up doing household chores while 'working from home'

23, Mar 2020 By @jurnoleast

The Association of Men in India has requested the Govt for a bailout package to reduce them from the burden of household chores.

As per the association, most men who are ‘working from home’ are actually doing daily household activities more than office work.


While speaking to Faking News, President of the Association said, “Working from Home means that you do office work from the comfort of your home. But it has come to our notice that most men, both single and married, are doing household chores. This is leading to rising levels of stress and anxiety. So we have requested the Govt, for the sake of men in the country, to consider a bailout package.”

Many men that our reporter spoke too were looking forward to some relief from the package. “Since the maid cannot make it due to lockdown, I have to clean the utensils and sweep the floor alongside my office duties. Ghar ke saare pankhe bhi saaf kar liye, bas aur nahi hota. Ya toh sarkar hamare liye kuch kare ya corona ka vaccine jald se jald dhoondh nikale,” wailed a 35 year old IT employee from Delhi.

There was no official response from the Govt but insiders say that PM Modi has taken note of this and will be saying something on this in his next address to the nation.

“There is a  high probability that PM Modi, in his next address will ask citizens to come out in their balcony next Sunday at 5pm for 5 minutes and honor men who are doing office and household work without complaining,” revealed a highly place source.