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“Mera beta bada hoke top nahi karega,” Bihar man’s first words after becoming a father

08, Jun 2017 By itsmihir1993

At the Government Hospital in the capital city of Patna, Bihar, a father announced that his new-born son will not top any exam during his academic lifetime. This decision of Atmaram, father of the newborn, rubbished the trend followed by his precedents who would usually burden their wards with the dreams and aspirations they couldn’t fulfill during their lifetime.


As the trends have been so far, the academic fate of the child born in India is decided even before it takes birth. Whether a child will experience drop years in medical or give multiple attempts before finally becoming a CA at 40 is decided at the time of birth. Also, whether or not the child will remain unemployed and single is decided as soon as the parent announces that it will pursue engineering.

However, after the fiasco of ‘toppers’ Rubi Rai and Ganesh Kumar in the Bihar Board exams, Atmaram wants his new-born son to be anything but a topper. Our reporter spoke to Atmaram, who was all enthusiastic on becoming a father before the feeling that his son could top the exams caught up with him. “We are not very rich, hence our son cannot become a state topper. For the first time, I’m happy for being poor,” he said.

Dr Neeta, who supervised the delivery of this baby revealed that Atmaram’s first words after holding the newborn in his hands sent a wave of shock in the hospital premises and the vicinity, “His words were so shocking that it brought a coma patient to consciousness.” The patient had apparently been in coma for six years and even playing Dhinchak Pooja’s “Selfie Maine Le Li Aaj” had not helped him gain consciousness. “We usually play songs where the patient himself gains consciousness, gets up from the bed to turn off the music but for this particular patient, this trick hadn’t worked. We are thankful to Mr Atmaram who saved the life of a patient,” she jubilantly explained.