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Microsoft employees working in cloud ask for outer space allowance along with HRA

30, May 2017 By RT

Hyderabad. Microsoft employees in India working in the cloud services asked for outer space allowance along with HRA. The cloud team collectively had sent a memorandum to the HR, saying a mere city compensatory allowance and HRA will not cut it for the cloud team, it is learnt by Faking News.

“City compensatory allowance in this city is not for living in the so-called city. It is compensation for living in Hyderabad and not in Bangalore or Mumbai. Now, with a Babu having the top job at Microsoft, Hyderabad will remain the country headquarters for India operations, for years to come. Our dreams of Bangalore days or Mumbai nights are forever shattered,” a frustrated IITian and Mumbaikar told Faking News.

“Microsoft steers forward for a cloud first and mobile first world. Everyone in the connected world knows Microsoft is not mobile. The last time I had seen a Nokia was in a zoo; a monkey was seen playing with a discarded mobile phone. We bring the money to the company. It is only right for the company to pay us back with space allowance for working in the cloud,” a veteran and manager in the cloud services told Faking News.

“Microsoft is known for everything heavy. Visual studios take out almost all the hard disk space and whatever is left is consumed by office products. We, at the cloud services, provide a lighter environment for a Microsoft end user. For making things light at the cloud, we need a heavy pay package, including space allowance. There is a pun here; We reduce the space requirements by putting things out there in cloud,” he further added.

Learning of this new development, Faking News reporters, covering nonstop stories on the streets of Mumbai and Bangalore have now demanded for Road allowance and also for street food allowance.