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Mid-air scare as oxygen level drops in flight, passengers use packets of Lays chips as oxygen mask

23, Jan 2018 By @jurnoleast

Passengers on-board Air India flight from Delhi to Mumbai encountered a minor scare after oxygen levels dropped  drastically while the flight was cruising at an altitude of 35000ft. However the presence of mind of one passenger ensure that things did not get worse after he used the air filled packets of Lays chops as oxygen mask.ays

Jignesh Shah, a businessman from Mumbai on the flight, was lauded by flight officials for this quick thinking that saved many lives. Mr. Shah while sharing details of the incident with our reporter said, “I usually carry lot of snacks while travelling. Thepla, Khakra, Gathiya etc are always there in my bag. For this trip I was carrying Lays too. Half an hour into the flight, most passenger including me started feeling out of breath. The cabin crew announced that there was drop in cabin pressure and oxygen masks would fall from above. But that did not happen. That’s when it struck me that these unopened packs of chips could be used.”

Sources say that the packets had ‘enough air’ to last for another 3 hours in case the cabin pressure was not restored.

The incident has once again put the spotlight on passenger safety. A senior aviation official has said that DGCA has taken cognizance of the incident and will soon be making it mandatory of all flights to carry packets of Lays chips as a backup for faulty oxygen masks.