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Middle-class guy buys road roller on rent to squeeze tooth paste out of the tube

03, Feb 2018 By Akash Vadera

Lucknow: Lucknow based middle-class resident Kumud Mishra has taken the stereotype of living in a middle class to a whole new level. Other middle class families squeeze toothpaste till the last atom of paste comes out. Some even use a belan.

However, what Kumud Mishra did, cannot be imagined by anyone. Kumud bought a road roller on rent and used to squeeze the tooth paste out of the tube.

We got hold of Kumud and here’s what he had to say. “Living in a middle class is not easy. We have to save everywhere we can and plan for things way in advance. When a child is born, we start thinking of saving for their education and wedding even before paying the delivery bill in hospital. We don’t eat in a hotel having number of stars more than one. We don’t remove plastic cover of remote. We pack badishop parcel when we go to eat in restaurant. We compare our kids’ performance with kids of relatives. We order two half dishes when we go out to eat because we believe two halves have greater food quantity than one full.”

Our reporter explained that he gets that they’re middle class, to which Kumud replied, “No I don’t think you clearly get how middle class we are” and he went on to explain middle class traits for the next 45 minutes. “Now that you have an idea of how middle class we are, you may be able to understand why I bought the road roller on rent. A construction was going on nearby and I saw the road roller. I took all toothpastes in my home, my brother’s home, my friend’s home and even some of my society members’ home and kept them on the road. Then I drover road roller over them and collected the paste in a bowl. I paid a rent of 200 rupees for one hour but recovered toothpaste worth 300 rupees, that is, a profit of Rs.100,” he smiled.

This is the story of every middle class household. If you can relate to this story, you’re a typical middle class parent, similar to Kumud Mishra who is waiting for his son’s school result and expecting 99.9% from him.