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Mini Cooper goes missing in Bengaluru pothole

17, Oct 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: The potholes in the IT city has added a new casualty to its list today. Pratap Sharma, a businessman who has liking for fancy and high-end cars. He lost his Mini Cooper in a pothole near Yelahanka while he was returning home from his office.

While speaking to us distressed looking Pratap said, “There was heavy rain last night, water was there everywhere, so I could not notice the big potholes underneath. First of all, I would not term it a pothole the one I experienced today. It was like a baby lake in the middle of the road. Even the swimming pool in my apartment is not that big.”

“I am thankful due to God’s grace I was able to jump out of the car, just before it went deep inside. Swimming I have learnt during my college days came to my rescue today. When went to Police station for registering missing car compliant, they did not believe me. After couple of witnesses on road saw my car entering the pothole and did not see it coming out of it, Police agreed to register the complaint,” said Pratap who went home after hiring a boat.

The personnel from Fire brigade and National Disaster Response Force who are doing a remarkable job rushed to the spot. Despite their effort, more than six hours have passed, still there is no trace of the car Mr. Sharma lost in the afternoon.

CM’s office was quick to respond on this matter like they did last week when CM himself termed the death on the roads were due to ‘accidents’ not due to potholes. “This time also, looks like it is a clear-cut case of negligence on the part of the car owner who has taken out such a small car. When people will understand such cars are not meant for Bengaluru roads. We have made such nice wide roads for big SUVs not for these kinds of cars who look like a toy,” said CM’s office spokesperson.

CM’s office added, “Soon we would issue a notice so that no one can take such cars during rainy season”.