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UP Minister wants Animal Planet to show 2 hours of dedicated TV shows on cows for their entertainment

30, May 2017 By @jurnoleast

Going beyond just protection,a UP Minister is now batting for bovine related content on TV channels that would be entertaining to cows. Apparently, the Minister as asked Animal Planet to reserve 2 hrs of prime time slot for such shows.


“A proposal has been sent to CM Adityanath in this regard and hopefully cows too will be able to watch entertaining stuff on TV,” he said while speaking to our reporter.

Commenting on how the idea came about, he added, “The recent controversies surrounding cattle and their non-stop coverage on news channels have taken a toll on cows, especially those from UP. So we have come up with this idea that will help cow’s take their minds off this madness all around.”

Cattle owners have welcomed the move and said that it will do more for cows that what has been done all this while. Some have even installed giant screens in their cow sheds to screen the shows.

Ram Prasad Sharma, who runs a dairy business is one such owner. He has 10 cows in his shed and hopes to use this opportunity to help his cows socialize.

Our reporter spoke to a representative from Animal Planet who didn’t rule out coming out with some ‘bovine content’ given the huge market that exists in the country. “Family Gai, Haywatch and Ye Hai Moohabbatein, are some of the serials that we will be airing soon,” he said.