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MLA taking 2 Crore bribe from Rajya Sabha candidate boycotted by peers for lowering market rate

03, Jun 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: An MLA from a southern state (Identity protected for legal reasons) has been boycotted by his fellow MLAs after he was caught taking a bribe of only 2 Crores from a Rajya Sabha candidate.

Bribe money confiscated from the MLA

Elections for 57 seats of Rajya Sabha are scheduled to happen on 11th of June and all the nominated candidates are trying hard to get elected. All the candidates are trying their best to lure MLAs to their side and due to the high demand and limited supply, bribery rates have skyrocketed.

“Once in a while we get a chance to make some money through respectful means and this guy wants to destroy the market by asking for just 2 Crores? Learn from our colleagues in Karnataka who are asking at least 5 Crores. If you don’t want to match the market rate then don’t take any bribe at all. What will he do with a measly amount of 2 Crores?” asked the MLA who has issued the boycott call.

Another MLA present there joined in and said, “Majority in Rajya Sabha is very important these days to block every bill. These are exciting times for us and we should be looking to cash in and charge at least 10 Crores per MLA. Instead we have idiots offering discounts up to 80%. What are we, a VC funded startup?”

The MLA in question spoke to Faking News on the condition of anonymity and responded to the charges against him. He said, “Sir I am an independent MLA and this is the first time that I have won. Therefore, I was unaware of the prevailing rates. There were no party seniors to guide me as well. Now I am ready to apologize and I will auction my vote on eBay to the highest bidder to make up for my error of judgment.”

His peers haven’t relented yet though and asked him to execute a major scam within the next 30 days to prove that he deserves to be a politician.