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Modi govt to crackdown on fake rent receipts; will make 'selfie with landlord' mandatory for getting HRA approvals

10, Dec 2016 By Beer & Biryani

New Delhi: The Modi government is reportedly keen on taking yet another jaw-dropping decision that could send chills down the spine of IT fraternity of the country. Yes, the government will conduct raids on IT companies at random, and verify the authenticity of rent receipts submitted by employees.


Speaking to Faking News, PMO official Mr. Kaanfaad said, “The crackdowns could begin anytime soon, maybe as early as next week. Government officials could pickup a company to be raided by rolling dice, or by tossing a coinIt is completely up to them though. No one will be able to help you, unless your documents are genuine i.e., the owner and the rent amount mentioned is for real.”

“People may try to escape by saying that they paid 500s and 1000s as part of the rent. This won’t be sufficient, for they will have to produce a color print of their 2.2 megapixel selfie with the landlord,” Mr. Kaanfaad said as he looked determined to achieve the literal sense in his name.

IT employees across the country have started protests by logging off early and going to their homes on time, irking wives deeply engrossed in watching TV serials, or surprising neighbors in case of bachelors. Some seem to be protesting by being protection-less i.e., by turning off the anti-virus on their work machines.

As per our sources, government has already started looking for acres of barren lands for building jails to accommodate the defaulter IT fraternity.