Modi wants to kill me because I leaked Game Of Thrones spoilers to him: Arvind Kejriwal

21, May 2019 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: During last week, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal leveled serious allegations against PM Narendra Modi when he claimed that Narendra Modi wants to kill him. This allegation sent shock waves across the country and everyone except journalists started asking why Modi would want to do that.


Now finally Mr. Kejriwal has told the public the reason behind Modi’s intention to kill him. The Delhi CM said yesterday that Modi is upset after he texted Game Of Thrones Season 8 spoilers to Narendra Modi and has been angry with him since.

As per Mr. Kejriwal, he was trying to support federalism in the country by sharing the spoilers that he had received but anti-federalism Modi got angry after reading the spoilers and since then has been trying to kill Mr. Kejriwal. We couldn’t find out if Modi is angry with the spoilers or with the Season 8 script.

Speaking to Faking News later, Mr. Kejriwal said, “As Delhi CM, I wanted to see Game Of Thrones but LG and PM Modi didn’t let me do it so I searched online for the spoilers and leaks and made a nice collection of them. After that, to strengthen federalism, I shared them with our Prime Minister, but instead of thanking me, he sent 3 angry face emojis and a text saying I WILL KILL YOU. Bhalaai ka to zamana hi nahi raha bhaisaab.”

When we asked him to confirm that Modi doesn’t want to kill him for political reasons, Mr. Kejriwal said, “Political? What political? We are getting zero in Lok Sabha, we know he is vegetarian but that Anda should not threaten him.”

Meanwhile, BJP has increased the security around Mr. Kejriwal to protect their star campaigner for Delhi Assembly elections scheduled next year.