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Mosquito detected on Mars by Mangalyaan

06, Aug 2016 By RT

Bangalore. Indian Mars Orbiter mission, Mangalyaan, has reported finding of a mosquito in the red planet. The galaxy shattering revelation was made yesterday by ISRO even as the prime minister was rushing to the space organisation’s headquarters to have a first look at an alien insect, cutting short his diplomatic trip to the last of the Caribbean islands.

Mangalyaan hard at work
Mangalyaan hard at work

ISRO had earlier built Mangalyaan with high powered camera (MCC – Mars Colour Camera) to take high resolution pictures of the red dirt.

A Scientist, who was totally bored at his daily routine of checking Facebook and WhatsApp photos, just on a wild thought, decided to browse thru the MCC images and was shocked to see a mosquito sitting quietly in the midst of red dirt.

The scientist immediately alerted the project director and the news spread thru ISRO faster than the speed of their Polar Satellite Launch Vehicles.

Technical heads of all the departments were called and a collective study of the image with the help of a projector was undertaken. The object looked like a mosquito or looked like something from a mosquito family. After studying the projected screen for two hours, when ISRO could not confirm the object as a mosquito, finally the local domain expert was called in.

The pest control guy, the expert, confirmed the object as mosquito within a fraction of a second. “I can identify and kill insects in this planet or outer space,” he quipped to the small crowd gathered there, before leaving thru the highly guarded gates. Reports suggest that he immediately changed the name of his pest control company from ‘Gowda Pests!’ to ‘Gowda Pests Intergalactic!’

ISRO immediately set about revealing the out of the world discovery to the rest of the world and did that in fashion using twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp.

The news was received with mixed responses by the rest of the world, as only 1 to 2 percent of any forwarded message in WhatsApp is considered genuine by Netizens. Fake alert or not, the news was challenged and AAP straight away ordered a probe to authenticate the insect’s presence in Mars.

On the probe, it was found that the mosquito was all along in Mangalyaan and somehow sneaked into the red planet from the spaceship.

“Had there been a Selfie camera in MOM, the camera would have caught the insect flying freely inside the spaceship,” was the only reply from PMO as the PM’s trip to the ISRO headquarters was duly cancelled and rescheduled to the last of the Caribbean islands.