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Mosquito net manufacturer caught fondly looking at every pot hole on the city roads

26, Jul 2017 By RT

Chennai. A mosquito net manufacturer was caught fondly looking at every pot hole on the city roads. When the entire group of travelers cursed on every pot hole and extended choicest expletives against no one in particular, this man was looking at the business opportunities from them pot holes and smiling, it is learnt by Faking News.


“With the spread of Dengue, stored water in the city roads is a business opportunity for mosquito net manufacturers like us. When more fear is sold to the public by the government and by the media, we sell more mosquito nets. It might sound slightly cruel to you, but I have smiled when the first few cases of Dengue were reported in the city” Mr. Netraj told Faking News.

“We are in the business of saving lives. We are a small army by ourselves who try to fight against the army of mosquitoes who attack the cities and villages of Tamilnadu and the entire nation. Currently, our business network only operates in the state and soon we plan to extend our sales to all the other states. After all, pot holes are a common thing in all the metros and that gives us opportunity to grow Pan India” Mr. Netraj further explained his business ‘pot-hole free’ road-map to Faking News.

“I am Netraj, which means I am king of Nets. The mosquito nets that we manufacture are the best in the industry. We do not advertise like someone to claim ‘something of good times’ having a ‘bad time’ themselves. We are thankful to the state authorities to keep the pot holes open, year after year. We will be out of business if there is no stored water, clean or dirty, in the roads of the city” Netraj got slightly personal, making use of the opportunity to promote his business.

When Mr. Netraj offered a mosquito net as a parting gift to our reporter, he politely declined citing the reason that once a few mosquitoes enter into the net, they seldom go out and actually cause more damage to the people sleeping inside it.