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Most Indian wives still starving themselves to punish husbands

19, Sep 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. A research conducted by Faking News has proved that most married women in India refuse to take food when they are angry with their husbands. Several reasons and explanations were given by different sets of women for such behavior, but none of them thought it was impractical. The findings have shocked most forward looking men and women as the practice was supposed to be an outdated one.

“Each time I feel my country is on the path of modernity and progress, such news hits me out of blue. I was shocked to learn that even educated and working women in metros were among those who follow this disgusting practice. No wonder women are never treated equally in India.” Madhu Chidchida, a women’s rights activist said.

But not all among those, who refuse to take food when angry with their husbands, think that the practice denigrates women or is inimical to women’s liberation.

“Let me tell you a secret. I only feign not taking food till he is awake. He goes to sleep early as I also refuse him sex out of anger. He can’t force me as he would already be under the guilt that I was hungry due to him. Once he goes in slumber, coiled like a snake, I sneak into the kitchen to take my food, if I am not on a diet on that particular day. Trust me, it hurts him more than me, and he’s back on track the next day.” a married woman revealed on conditions of anonymity.

Some things Indian women don’t eat when angry
Some things Indian women don’t eat when angry

Research showed that not more than 9.78% of women followed the above strategy. Furthermore this particular strategy was fraught with risks as many times husbands didn’t leave any food for their wives at all. They either ate up everything or threw the remaining food in the dustbin after asking their wives for one last time.

Research also showed that a considerable proportion of women genuinely believed that they were hurting their husbands by not taking food themselves. They argued that they actually didn’t feel like eating when they were upset with their husbands and believed that their husbands would feel guilty of keeping them hungry. But most of them agreed that after a few years they ended up realizing that it had not changed a thing. Unfortunately by then it was too late for them to change their habits.

Our research also questioned a few men, who thought women were being funny by not taking food ‘at the drop of hat’.

“It’s ridiculous. Each time they go to sleep in grumpy mood without taking food, I don’t know what they want to prove. They cook the food and they let it go waste. Initially I did feel bad (about food getting wasted) but then I realized it was a daily drama. Furthermore they tend to get fat after marriage, so I guess it won’t hurt them if they didn’t take food on some days. Ha ha ha (smart ass laughter).” Amsey P Kumar, a man married for over five years now, said.