Monday, 6th April, 2020


Motera crowd largest ever says Trump at South Carolina campaign rally, Indian Railway invites President to visit Dadar Station 

03, Mar 2020 By @jurnoleast

“Won’t be as excited about crowds ever again after seeing the sea of humanity at Motera,” said the US President while campaign at a rally in South Carolina. The President was in India last week and was overwhelmed and awed by the filled to capacity Motera stadium in Gujarat. While most people at the campaign rally would be excited, Indian Railways is not impressed.

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Railway officials have now invited the US President to visit Dadar station to check out what ‘crowd’ really means. While speaking to Faking News one railways officials said, “I almost laughed my guts out when Trump said that Motera was the largest crowd he has even seen. The US President has not seen Dadar station then. He’d probably faint with excitement if he ever lands his foot on the platform. There are so many people during rush  hour, that it can easily be declared a country.”

Trump had earlier mentioned how he enjoyed crowds at his rally and the cheering and chanting that his followers indulge in. Even before the trip, President Trump had tweeted about the ‘millions who would come to welcome him’.

“If he wants millions, he should enter a Virar local. He will never want see a crowd ever again,” the Railways PRO remarked.

Sources say that Western Railways has already written to Trump for a second visit to India and Mumbai in particular.

While not confirming on the visit, a White House official said that Trump was very happy wit the first visit and looking at the crowds at Dadar, he might just make another trip before elections.