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Mothers suffer from optical illusion which makes their children look underweight in their eyes: Research

15, Oct 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. A research paper published by a group of scientists claim that mothers across the globe suffer from a strange optical illusion which makes their children look underweight in their eyes.

Research says that the optical illusion created is caused by hormone oxytocin, which is responsible for love, friendship, and emotional bonding in human beings.

This is how a mother sees her child.

“We are still figuring out how oxytocin exactly generates this illusion on the lines of ‘skinny mirrors’, but we are sure this happens. We have found that the inverse reflection of children bodies that gets formed on retina of mothers’ eyes are somehow much slimmer than in reality,” said head researcher Dr. Manoranjan Chaudhary, throwing some light on their findings.

Adding further, Dr. Chaudhary says that the effect is so powerful that it makes even a man who is on the verge of exploding because of his obesity, looks a malnourished African kid in the eyes of his mother.

“It’s because of this phenomenon that mothers always try to make their children eat more and more. They are like a person in mid of a desert who often sees water at some distance, and runs like mad toward that, but in reality that’s just a mirage. Mothers should know, how futile is their attempt to force feed their children thinking of them as underweight,” Dr. Manoranjan Chaudhary continued.

Dr. Chaudhary and his fellow team members confirm that they are also working on ways to make mothers realize this illusion. One of the remedies suggested is to show photoshopped image of the boy concerned with his face replaced with that of someone else.

“When her mother will see an unrecognizable face, she will easily realize that the body of the boy is fat. Then reveal to her that in reality it’s the body of her own son,” explained Dr. Chaudhary.

Meanwhile, taking cue from the findings, a group of scientists in US are trying to replicate the illusion effect in eyes of everybody.

“This way no one will look fat to anyone,” a member of the team told Faking News, adding that one can also look slimmer in eyes of women around by treating them as mother.