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Move over Kumbh Mela, twins get separated while standing in queue outside a Bank while trying to withdraw money

24, Nov 2016 By @jurnoleast

The demonetization move may have been hailed by many, but it did indeed come with its own set of problems. The crowd and serpentine queues outside banks and ATMs got itself more victims after twin brothers, who were standing in the queue to exchange cash, were separated thanks to the maddening crowd.

The crowd outside the ATM where Ranveer and Ranbir were last seen
The crowd outside the ATM where Ranveer and Ranbir were last seen

Ranveer and Ranbir, who hail from Lalpur which is a quaint village located in Madhya Pradesh, were standing in a queue just like others to get their money exchanged. But no one anticipated that a harmless exchange of a few notes would lead to the twin brothers getting separated from each other.

Owing to a cash crunch, the twins had gone to the nearby branch of State Bank. Eyewitness say that the queue was moving along smoothly when a rumor that Bollywood actor Balwan Khan was shooting nearby for his latest movie, led to the crowd going berserk.

“We have only one branch here and it seemed like the entire village had converged. Just then someone got a Whatsapp message that Balwan Khan was in MP and while passing through Lalpur he might stop by at the bank to withdraw money. That is when people from nearby villages converged in Lalpur.

Local administration authorities were are loss of words as to how around 50000 people landed at the bank when the population of the village was just 10000.

A crew member of the move offered an explanation. “Balwan Khan was in Ujjain to shoot the second installment of his hit movie Prem Ratan Ghar Jayo. The opening scene of the movie was supposed to be shot at Ram Ghat in Ujjain where he was to be shown bathing. But the moment Balwan removed his shirt, the assembled crowd and the ladies in particular couldn’t contain their excitement and chaos ensued. People from nearby villages assembled at the ghat and also followed him wherever he went,” said Asst. Director of the movie.

Meanwhile, opposition parties cornered the Govt. yet again and blamed PM Modi for separation of the twins. The parties are planning to disrupt the Parliament tomorrow over this issue.