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MP caught accepting bribe of 2 Kilo Onions to change his vote on Citizenship Amendment Bill

10, Dec 2019 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: An unnamed Member of Parliament has been caught red handed while accepting a bribe of 2 Kilo Onions inside Parliament canteen yesterday. Acting on an anonymous tip, CBI officials reached the canteen at the exact time when the Parliamentarian was about to put the bag of onions in his suitcase.


Citizenship Amendment Bill is being hotly debated in the Parliament right now and even though nobody including the MPs has read the entire bill, sources claim it is a very divisive bill. While BJP got the bill through Lok Sabha easily due to its clear majority, situation is a lot more complicated in Rajya Sabha where both Government and Opposition are neck to neck after all the understandings and alliances.

With every vote becoming crucial, both parties are not leaving any stone upturned to get the majority in their favour, including the use of the rare and precious vegetable, the onion. The MP claimed innocence and said he thought this bag of onions is just the salad that the canteen guy is giving along with the Dal-Roti he ordered. However, he got exposed when the canteen guy disclosed that he hasn’t seen onions for weeks.

After hearing the news, Home Minister Amit Shah has rushed to the Police station to check the voting preference of the MP before bailing him out.

While nobody has disclosed who is the MP involved, speculations have been rife that he must be from one of the opposition parties since nobody in BJP ever eats onions or even buys onions since they are clueless about the current prices.

(For our younger readers, we would like to explain that onion used to be a vegetable that was widely used in everyday cuisine of Indians before the great price rise of 2019 put it beyond everyone’s reach.)