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MPs allowed to flash guns as their identity proof

18, Oct 2012 By bharatdilse

New Delhi. After Vitthal Radadiya, the Congress MP from Gujarat who humbly flashed his gun after an unlawful and derogatory act of asking for identity proof by a toll plaza employee, blamed the employee for unruly behavior, the government has decided to allow MPs to flash guns when asked for identity proof.

The Home Ministry has issued a notification that grants honorable MPs of India the right to officially showcase the gun instead of their identity cards to avoid unnecessary toll taxes.  The long awaited decision will save the MP’s from humiliation of being questioned by a common man.

Congress MP Vithal Radadiya
Congress MP showing his identity proof

The ministry spokesperson, who was available for the comment, said, “legalizing the age old tradition and widely practiced ‘flashing gun’ gesture, which was unofficial norm till now, will only make the toll process more transparent.”

On being asked about how an MP and a dacoit will be differentiated, he scolded the reporter for comparing an MP with a lowly dacoit and clarified that a gangster carrying a gun can easily be differentiated from an MP as he would not be having the guts to flash the weapon in front of CCTV camera.

Replying to this reporter’s query about why the MPs should be exempted from toll taxes in first place, he replied, “This is because politicians are supposed to save the taxpayer’s money in Swiss bank and not waste it on toll plazas.”

Meanwhile, Faking News got in touch with the toll plaza employee, who revealed that he was shocked that was wondering why the MP didn’t shoot in the air to prove it was not a toy gun.

This has shocked the Home Ministry as well, which is considering upgrading the weapons of an MP to a sophisticated mouser so that an aam aadmi gets the proof and the message from his leader in a flash.

Sources report that Home Ministry has further ordered an inquiry after officials were disturbed to see a CCTV functioning.

In the meantime, Congress is yet to take a decision on whether to sack the MP who bought disgrace to the party by getting intimidated by a lowly toll booth employee.

“He was not any Arvind Kejriwal for God’s sake!” a congress leader from Farrukhabad said.