Muffler baby could be given Child Development Ministry, Kejriwal denies report 

14, Feb 2020 By @jurnoleast

Muffler Baby is making news not just for being invited to the swearing in ceremony, but also because reports suggest that the baby could be part of Kejriwal’s ministry.


Sources within AAP have said that the baby could be given the Child Development Ministry when the swearing in ceremony takes place on Sunday. Dressed up as Kejriwal, the baby has managed to garner a lot of attention in the media, so much so that now he will be part of the Delhi Govt.

“It shouldn’t come as a surprise, its Child Development and who better to lead than a child. I know there are many in the party who at times are childish, but the decision on the baby seems unanimous. While most ministries would be retained by incumbents, the party if of the opinion that Child Development should be handed to someone who knows about kids. Who better than a kid to lead the ministry,” revealed an insider.

Arvind Kejriwal however denied the report and castigated our reporter for not checking facts. “I know that most of the news circulating these days is fake. Even the PM fell for it. But let me put this on record that the kid has been asked just to attend the ceremony and nothing else,” he said.