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Multiplex popcorn price to remain unchanged, it is above any law in taxation - GST council declares

15, Nov 2017 By RT

New Delhi. Multiplex popcorn price to remain unchanged, the GST council has announced even as rates for several services and goods are reduced from 28% to 18% and from 18% to 5%. The popcorn is above any law in taxation, the council has declared.


“The first time I had bought popcorn in a multiplex, I thought the fellow was asking for extra money to take of another annoying customer who was waiting for change and that he would give back my money later. Instead, he just asked the next customer in line about his choice of popcorn, salted, with cheese or chocolate. It finally hit me that was the actual price and the annoying customer was actually annoyed like me with the price he had to pay for a tub of popcorn. Hell. A tub of chicken at KFC would have cost less,” a GST council member told Faking News.

“My story is similar. I went with my family for a movie at multiplex. During intermission, I had bought 3 popcorns and 3 drinks. After handing over Rs.500 note, I was waiting for the change. The popcorn fellow also seemed to be waiting for something. Then I asked him what for he was waiting. He said change. I told him to check and give. He smiled and said that I had to give him change. The damn thing had cost me more than rs.900. It defies all the pricing and tax laws I have learnt in my life,” another member of the council told Faking News.

“In GST council we talk about nothing but regulations. But, with popcorn prices in a multiplex, we just do not know the pricing model it follows. For ease of understanding, we are defining that as surgical pricing which is two notches above than the surge pricing model. Collectively, the council has decided that Multiplex popcorn price will remain unchanged and it is above any law in taxation” both the members have told Faking News in unison.

Despite the decision by GST council, a few multiplexes have decided to change the price of popcorn, increasing it by a healthy percentage, it is now learnt by Faking News.